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The usage of automotive CAN bus diagnostic tools

Since Karbenz and Henry Ford started to invent three- and four-wheeled vehicles respectively, the automotive industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 100 years. In some countries, the automotive industry has even become their pillar. industry. With its fast speed, more cargoe, and a wide range of uses, the car has become the most familiar and reliable production tool for human beings. It is also true that people have never stopped upgrading and improving it. Modern cars not only have to meet the needs of people traveling or carrying goods, but some high-end cars have become a symbol of celebrities' status and taste. These luxury cars not only have powerful engines, large wheelbases, and luxurious interiors, decoration and control lines which selected the most advanced CAN bus, showing their harmonious integration of functionality and artistry.

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Luxury sedan using CAN bus technology

Since the CAN bus is mentioned, then the question is, what is the CAN bus? Why can it be favored by many luxury cars? Let's briefly introduce it. CAN is the abbreviation of Controller Area Network, which was developed by German BOSCH company, which is famous for the research and development and production of automotive electronics. It has its own international standard (ISO11898). It is one of the most widely used fieldbuses in the world. In North America and Western Europe, the CAN bus protocol has become the standard bus for automotive computer control systems and embedded industrial control LANs, and has a CAN-based protocol for large trucks and heavy industry. J1939 protocol for mechanical vehicle design. It can be seen that in the United States and Germany, where the car originated, the CAN bus has been highly recognized. However, for this reason, the CAN bus was only applied to luxury cars at the beginning of its invention. However, with the evolution of time and the maturity of CAN bus technology, its various costs have dropped to the point that ordinary cars can afford. . It is believed that in the near future, the bus control systems of all types of cars will be replaced by CAN buses.


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USBCAN-OBD type car CAN diagnostic tool connection method

If we want to use CAN bus analyzer to analyze the CAN bus data of the car, we must first read the data in the car CAN bus. Most of the cars on the market have OBD interfaces. Generally speaking, the 6-pin and 14-pin of the OBD interface. CAN-H and CAN-L for CAN bus respectively. If the device in your hand is OBD interface, plug it in directly, but if it is a terminal interface, it is best to buy a DB9 male open line. Connect the 6-pin and 14-pin to the CAN-H and CAN-L on the USBCAN. It should be noted that some cars have gateways inside, which may cause the OBD interface to not read data. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to send relevant instructions to the OBD port to obtain permissions, but these are generally car manufacturers. Confidential, hard to get. The other is to break the wire connection inside the car, bypass the gateway, so that you can smoothly read the CAN bus data inside the car, it is recommended that the professional to operate.
After the USBCAN is connected to the car CAN bus, connect the other end to the computer, open the ECANTools software, and select the baud rate to receive the CAN bus data. It should be noted here that each car manufacturer has its own proprietary protocol. Therefore, USBCAN receives the original data in the bus, and can not directly get the specific meaning. The specific meaning of the data needs to be analyzed by the engineers themselves. In addition to the proprietary protocol, the software incorporates the analysis of some common protocols, which can be seen in specific meanings. Open the OBDII interface of ECANTools, you can see the general data of the 15765 protocol, such as engine speed, oil temperature and water temperature.

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GCAN USBCAN-OBD car CAN bus diagnostic tool

GCAN USBCAN-OBD type automotive CAN diagnostic tool is a portable CAN-bus bus communication interface card with integrated 1 channel CAN interface. It is designed for automotive electronics development or automotive fault diagnosis users. It uses USBCAN-OBD type automotive CAN diagnostic tool. The PC can be quickly connected to the CAN-bus network in the car OBD interface via USB interface, so that the PC can form the car CAN-bus. CAN-bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in the network.

USBCAN-OBD type automotive CAN diagnostic tool is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and CAN-bus data analysis. It also has the characteristics of compact size, plug and play, etc. It is also the choice of portable system users. The USBCAN-OBD automotive CAN diagnostic tool comes with a USB connection cable and an integrated CAN interface electrical isolation protection module to prevent damage to the device due to transient overcurrent/overvoltage and enhance the reliability of the system in harsh environments.

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