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Automobile CAN bus failure cause

    Vehicle CAN bus network communication technology, with concise twisted-pair and some components, related to the car's electronic control system, realized the engine control system, drive control system, comfortable control systems and information entertainment communication between the control system, which make the whole car instant information sharing between each system, improve the reliability of information transmission.

    The cause of CAN bus fault CAN bus system has a CAN controller, an information transceiver, two data transmission terminals and two data transmission buses. In addition to the data bus, other components are placed inside each control unit. Generally speaking, there are three reasons to analyze the faults of CAN bus system:
    1. Faults caused by the automobile power system: the working voltage of the automobile electric control module is generally between 10.5 and 15.0v. If the working voltage provided by the automobile power system is abnormal, some electric control modules will work abnormally for a short time, which will lead to poor communication of the whole automobile CAN bus system.
    2.  Link fault of automobile CAN bus system: when communication signal attenuation or distortion is caused by short circuit, circuit break or physical property change of the communication line, several ECU will work abnormally, making the CAN bus system unable to work.
    3.  Node failure of automobile CAN bus system: node is the electric control module of automobile CAN bus system, so node failure is the fault of electric control module.It includes software failures that are transmission protocols or software programs that have defects or conflicts, thereby this fault makes the car CAN bus system communication appear chaotic or unable to work.The general will appear in batches; The hardware fault is usually the electronic control module chip or the integrated circuit, which causes the automobile CAN bus system not to work normally.
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