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CAN and RS485 communication can be realized with this device

  CAN bus and 485 bus are common industrial field buses, and they can connect hundreds of nodes to work together at the same time. In contrast, the appearance of the CAN bus is later than the 485 bus, and its comprehensive capability is slightly stronger than that of the 485 bus. However, we will encounter such a problem in actual work, that is, the device in hand only has a 485 interface, and can only work on the 485 bus. Then how can we make it connect with the CAN bus with better performance? Woolen cloth?
  Simple, you can just get a CAN to 485 gateway device in your hand, that is, a data converter that can convert CAN bus data and 485 data. It may grow like this
GCAN-207 CAN to 485 Gateway Device
     Through this CAN to 485 gateway, we can realize transparent transmission, transparent transmission with logo or format conversion. The equipment can be connected to the buckle and installed on the guide rail, which is very user-friendly.
GCAN-207 equipment size display
     Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the GCAN-207 CAN to 485 gateway device to meet everyone’s needs for CAN to 485 gateway equipment. It is a new universal serial-CAN conversion module developed by our company. Compared with the traditional conversion module , CANCOM not only further upgrades the hardware workmanship, but also the module adopts online conversion technology, that is, it can use software to configure its serial communication mode (232 or 485) without removing the jumper.
GCAN-207 device interface display
  In terms of functions, a new "format conversion" mode is added, and CANCOM conversion modules are used. PCs, PLCs or other serial port networking devices can easily access CAN-BUS networks to form fieldbus laboratories, industrial control, intelligent communities, automotive electronic networks, etc. CAN- The control node of data processing, data acquisition and data analysis in the field of BUS network. It is a powerful tool for CAN-BUS product development and data analysis. At the same time, CANCOM has the characteristics of small size and convenient installation, and it is a reliable assistant for engineering application, project debugging and product development.

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