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The car canbus communication protocol is parsed like this !

  At present, whether it is a big car or a small car, they all use the CAN bus as a control bus to work. Compared with other industrial field buses, the CAN bus has a faster communication rate and a large number of node devices that can be connected. One CAN line can connect hundreds of nodes at the same time, which greatly reduces the number and difficulty of wiring. At the same time, the CAN bus has a strong anti-interference ability and can work normally in an interference environment, reducing the probability of problems and ensuring the driver's driving safety.

Cars controlled by CAN bus
     In order to make better use of the CAN bus to serve us, we sometimes need to analyze the car's CAN bus protocol to understand the specific actions corresponding to each CAN message. So, what should we do?
     First of all, you need to know that the external interface of the car's CAN bus is the OBD port. If obstacles are set here and the car's CAN data cannot be collected, the CAN protocol analysis work cannot be realized. Well, if the OBD port of this car in our hands is barrier-free, what should we do next?
USBCAN II PRO type dual channel CAN analyzer
     We need a USBCAN analyzer, a laptop computer with ECANtools software installed, the corresponding shielded twisted pair and USB cable, related conversion heads and so on. After completing the connection and other operations, we let the car make variable actions, such as opening and closing the door. At this time, the corresponding CAN data is generated and converted by USBCAN and displayed on the data receiving interface of the ECANtools software. Since there is only one action variable for opening and closing the door, there is only one data change on ECANTOOLS, so we can make a one-to-one correspondence.
USBCAN II PRO type dual channel CAN analyzer size
     In order to meet the needs of USBCAN analyzers, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the USBCAN II PRO dual-channel CAN analyzer. It supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and other 32-bit/64-bit Windows operating systems, and also supports various versions Linux operating system. Our company provides users with a unified application programming interface and complete application demonstration code, including VC, VB, .Net, Delphi, Labview and C++Builder and other development routine demonstrations, which is convenient for users to develop application programs.

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