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If you need CANopen communication gateway, see here

    CANopen communication gateway refers to various protocol converters integrated with CAN bus interfaces that can realize the mutual conversion of CANopen data and other bus data, such as CANopen to MODBUS gateway, CANopen to Ethernet gateway, CANopen to serial port gateway, CANopen to can gateway, etc.
GCAN-410 equipment interface diagram
    Different from the free protocol can bus, the CANopen protocol of CANopen Bus supports a master-slave communication mode, which makes it shine in the field of industrial automation control. However, CANopen bus is not as general as can bus, and its gateway equipment is generally non-standard, that is, it is only suitable for some individual projects. Therefore, if we need such equipment, or find someone to customize it, although we can't master the core knowledge, the victory lies in the faster acquisition speed. If you want to develop by yourself, you can find a programmable gateway for DIY, which will greatly improve your hands-on ability.
GCAN-410 equipment communication interface display
  In order to meet your needs for programmable gateway equipment, Shenyang Guangcheng technology has launched gcan-41x series programmable gateway equipment. Let's take gcan-410 as an example. Gcan-410 programmable gateway equipment of Shenyang Guangcheng technology is a programmable bus gateway / converter. The device integrates one can bus interface, one Ethernet bus interface, one RS485 bus interface and one RS232 bus interface. Before actual use, users need to write application programs for the device through openpcs software to realize the mutual conversion of data between different bus interfaces.
GCAN-410 equipment size display

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