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Let me tell you what canopen io is

  CANopen IO generally refers to the IO coupler integrated with CAN bus interface and can be connected to CANopen bus. Its shape may be as follows
GCAN-4055 canopenio equipment
    We know that the general industrial automation production line adopts a master-slave control mode, that is, there is a master controller and several slave devices on the bus. In actual work, the master controller actively accesses the slave equipment and sends control instructions to it, while the slave node passively receives the master command and then gives feedback. CANopen bus is a bus type that can realize one master and multiple slave control mode.
GCAN-4055 equipment size display
     In order to realize automatic control, we generally need to go through three steps: collecting external information, processing it, and finally sending the feedback command. In this, information collection and command issuance are realized through IO devices. The canopenio coupler mentioned in the title is connected with the host computer master station through CANopen bus. The master station may be single chip microcomputer or PLC, as long as it can communicate through CANopen bus.
Using canopenio equipment, we can effectively alleviate the shortage of original IO quantity of PLC and improve the possibility of project completion
GCAN-4055 canopenio equipment back display
    In order to meet everyone's needs for canopenio equipment, Shenyang Guangcheng technology has launched gcan-4055 canopenio equipment. Gcan-4055 canopenio equipment of Shenyang Guangcheng technology is an industrial CANopen digital input and output module integrating 1-way standard CANopen interface, 8-way switching value input channels and 8-way switching value output channels. Using gcan-4055 module, users can collect digital input signals, output digital signals, control switches, realize the connection between remote switchgear and CANopen network, and form a control node for data signal acquisition and output in CANopen network.

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