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GCAN-PLC series

  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
  • GCAN-PLC series
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  • GCAN-PLC series is a modular PLC module which can be extended according to the requirements. This module is composed of a programmable control module (GCAN-PLC-400/510) and several I/O modules (GC-1008/2008/...). The control module uses high-speed CPU and has powerful computing and processing capacity. The control module also has a variety of fieldbus communication interfaces that users can use to connect to the corresponding network and communicate with other devices.

    GCAN-PLC series can be programmed in 5 programming languages according to IEC 61131-3, including: SFC (sequence function diagram), LD (ladder diagram), FBD (function block), ST (structured text), IL (instruction table), this makes the PLC program easy to transplant. IEC 61131-3 also allows multiple programming languages to be used in the same PLC, allows program developers to choose the most appropriate programming language for each specific task, and allows different software modules in the same control program to be written in different programming languages.


    If you want to develop a PLC controller that meet special needs, you can use GCAN-PLCcore-M7 core module.
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  • GCAN-PLC can be programmed with German OpenPCS software. OpenPCS is a powerful PLC
    software programming tool. It supports the five PLC programming languages IL, ST, FBD, LD
    and SFC specified in the IEC61131-3 standard. Users can select different language editing
    subroutines in the same project. Function modules, etc.
    GCAN will provide users with commonly used function examples such as basic input and output,
    basic RS232/RS485/Ethernet/CAN communication, CANopen protocol communication, Modbu
    protocol communication, etc., which can be used by users. Quickly develop a PLC application
    that suits you, saving development time and reducing development costs.

                                                 ST ( Structure Text) ↓
                                       SFC (sequence Function Chart) 
                                          LD (Ladder Diagram)