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What is CAN communication cracking

Before we talk about the CAN communication crack problem, let's talk about why we should crack it. Just as every girl still wants to be more beautiful, our pursuit of product quality is endless. As an artificially developed industrial control communication product, the CAN bus is destined to be not willing to be silent from the day it was born, but to constantly introduce new ideas and innovations.

CAN bus is an industrial bus, mainly for controlling cars and various other industrial equipment, such as the control circuit in our car, it is a typical CAN bus system. CAN communication crack is necessary. What are we most concerned about driving a car? It is maneuverable. No one wants to drive an uncontrolled car to gallop on a dangerous road. It is also the CAN bus for control. The CAN bus data transmission distance is long, the data transmission speed is fast, there are many node devices that can be connected, and the anti-interference ability is also strong. The result of having so many advantages is that in addition to the car electronic product development work, the CAN bus becomes a darling, the track is Transportation, artificial intelligence development, fire host networking, etc., CAN bus can be awkward. Therefore, it is also known as one of the most promising industrial buses.

After saying so much about the characteristics of the CAN bus, I believe that you have a basic understanding of it, and then, we will go back and talk about the CAN communication crack. As we said at the beginning of the article, who wouldn't want to make themselves better? Similarly, who does not want to make the CAN bus data transmission farther, the data transmission is faster, the anti-interference ability becomes stronger, the node devices that can be connected are more, and the application field is wider? If there is demand, there will be a solution. This is the same reason. We need to crack the signal of the CAN bus to understand the specific meaning of each CAN bus data, so that we can complete the upgrade work, but the process of data cracking may not be as high as everyone thinks.

Many friends will definitely think that the CAN communication cracking work is connected to the target CAN bus device by using a computer equipped with cracking software. It is set up with a few data, and the Enter key is fixed, but according to the current level, it is still A relatively distant dream, although it is constantly advancing in this direction, but when it can be advanced, it remains to be discussed. The real CAN communication cracking work is like this: We really need a computer loaded with the PC cracking software, but before connecting the CAN bus, we also need an analyzer for CAN data analysis. After all, you let the computer connect directly. It is also unrealistic on the CAN bus. We need a USB to CAN interface, as well as hardware and driver support for CAN analysis and cracking. The USBCAN bus analyzer tool can be used to achieve both of these requirements. After connecting the computer and the target CAN bus through the USBCAN analyzer, the target CAN bus data is detected by software, and the operation action represented by the data signal is established by changing the state of the target CAN bus device, thereby implementing the CAN communication cracking work. In this process, we need to crack the knowledge of the CAN bus, but also need a certain degree of patience and good CAN analyzer tools.

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