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The classify of PLC _ GCAN II

Today, we are going to introduce the second part of classify of PLC

2. According to the structure of PLC, PLC can be divided into two types: modular and integral.

The modular PLC makes each component of the PLC into several separate modules, such as I/O modules, power modules (some are included in the CPU module), CPU modules, and various functional modules.
The modular PLC consists of a frame or substrate and various modules mounted on the socket of the frame or substrate. This modular PLC features flexible configuration, can be equipped with different scale systems according to needs, and is easy to assemble, easy to expand and repair. Large and medium-sized PLCs generally adopt a modular structure.


The monolithic structure is generally used for small PLCs. The integrated PLC is to centrally pack the CPU, power supply, I/O interface and other components in a single chassis. It has the characteristics of compact structure, low price and small size. The integrated PLC consists of expansion units and basic units (also called hosts) with different I/O points. There are only I/O and power supplies in the expansion unit, but there is no CPU; there are I/O interfaces, CPUs, and I in the basic unit. The expansion port to which the /O expansion unit is connected and the interface to the programmer or EPROM writer. The flat unit is usually connected between the base unit and the extension unit. Integral PLCs can also be equipped with special functional units, such as position control units, analog units, etc., to extend their functionality.

There are also PLCs that combine the characteristics of monolithic and modular to form a so-called stacked PLC. The CPU, power supply, and I/O interface of the stacked PLC are also independent modules, but they are connected by cables, and the modules can be stacked one on another. In this way, not only can the system be flexibly configured, but it can also be made compact.

3. According to the number of I/O points of the PLC, the PLC can be divided into three categories: small, medium and large.
The small PLC has less than 256 I/O points and has a single CPU and an 8-bit or 16-bit processor. The user memory capacity is 4KB or less. For example: Mitsubishi FX0S series; medium-sized PLC I / O points in the 256 ~ 2048, with dual CPU, user memory capacity of 2 ~ 8KB; large PLC I / O points greater than 2048, with multiple CPU and 16 or 32 bit processing The user memory capacity is 8 to 16 KB.

According to the classify, GCAN-PLC is a high-grade, modular and small PLC can up to 256 IO modules and 32-bit processor. If want to know more details about GCAN PLC and other products, please contact us.

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