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The classify of PLC _ GCAN I

The plc is a digital arithmetic operating electronic system designed for applications in industrial environments. It uses a programmable memory to store operational instructions such as timing, counting, logic, sequence control, and arithmetic operations, and to control various types of machinery or through analog, digital inputs and outputs. production process.

Programmable controllers and their associated peripherals should be designed in such a way that they are easy to integrate with industrial control systems and easily expand their functionality.

There are many types of PLC products, and their specifications and performance are also different. For PLCs, it is generally roughly classified according to functions, structural forms, and number of I/O points.

Common PLC brands

1. According to the different functions of PLC, PLC can be divided into low-grade, medium-grade and high-grade.

Low-grade PLC has basic functions such as timing, counting, logic operation, shifting, self-diagnosis, monitoring, etc. It can also have a small number of analog input/output, data transfer, arithmetic operation, comparison and communication functions, mainly used for logic control and sequence. Single-machine control system with control or a small amount of analog control.

In addition to the functions of low-grade PLC, the medium-grade PLC also has strong analog input/output, data transmission and comparison, arithmetic operation, remote I/O, number system conversion, subroutine and communication networking; some can also be added. PID control, interrupt control and other functions are applicable to complex control systems.

In addition to the functions of the medium-grade PLC, the high-grade PLC also adds matrix operations, signed arithmetic operations, square root operations, bit logic operations, and tabular and table transfer functions, and other special function functions. High-grade PLCs have stronger communication networking functions, which can be used for large-scale process control or to form a distributed network control system to achieve factory automation.

GCAN-PLC is in the high-grade with 3 communication interface in the CPU. The second part of the classify of PLC will be displayed tomorrow.

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