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Why you cannot reject the CAN interface PLC _ GCAN

If you are a factory owner, you cannot reject the CAN interface PLC because it allows you to save more production costs. If you are an operator on a production line, you cannot reject the CAN interface PLC because it can increase your productivity and reduce work stress. If you are a student who is looking forward to studying PLC, you also cannot reject the CAN interface PLC, because in the actual application you will find that familiarity and use of it is a destined thing, it is better to get familiar with it earlier.

can interface plc
Some people may think that the words that the author said are somewhat overkill, too serious, that's all right, we will analyze them one by one to see whether the CAN interface PLC has such a large meaning:
(1) CAN interface PLC can use CAN bus for information transmission
Just as you have already thrown away a function machine or a 3G mobile phone and put it into a new 4G or even 5G smart phone, production is developing, technology is advancing, and human beings are demanding higher quality of life with fewer working. Of course, using better production tools. All called PLC, some only support serial port input and output, some only support network port input and output, but some not only has above two, also comes with CAN interface, such as GCAN-PLC-400, you have to know in the field of industrial control, the performance of CAN bus is far superior to other buses, and it is one of the most promising industrial buses. The use of CAN bus for information transmission of industrial control projects, its improved work efficiency can not be ignored by any producer, which is also a factor that the factory owner can not refuse CAN interface PLC.

can interface plc
2) CAN interface PLC with pluggable IO module

Different from the conventional PLC, the CAN interface PLC is generally composed of multiple parts, which are the main control module with CAN interface and power supply, and a number of function modules for data input and output control, and the whole The terminal circuit of the system circuit is closed. Just as the naval warships are now modular in construction, the advantage of modularity is that they can be freely matched according to the needs, and when they are not satisfied, they can be replaced by different modules. At the same time, the types of such functional modules are very rich. Take the GCAN-PLC-400 series CAN interface PLC of Shenyang GCAN Technology as an example. Its functional modules include analog IO modules, digital IO modules, and dedicated Class communication module. The digital module includes a basic digital input and output module, a relay input and output module, a counter input and output module, and the like. Analog modules include voltage input and output modules, current input and output modules, and PT100 temperature input and output modules. The communication module has 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, etc. If you want to know more, please contact our engineers at the bottom of the contact information to answer.

can interface plc
(3) CAN interface PLC with German CPU
In addition to the highly developed automobile industry, Germany's electronic and electrical machine tools are also in a leading position in the world. For example, the CAN bus mentioned above is developed by Bosch in Germany for the development of automotive electronic products. GCAN's GCAN-PLC-400 series CAN interface PLC, whose technology is also derived from Germany, is trustworthy. They can be programmed using OpenPCS software, which truly echoes the programmable concept in programmable logic controllers.

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