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What is the usb tocan interface card?

CAN-Bus network through USB interface, form field bus laboratory, industrial control CAN-Bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in CAN-Bus network fields such as intelligent community and automotive electronic network.
USBCAN MODUL 8 usb to CAN interface card tool is a powerful tool for CAN-Bus product development and CAN-Bus data analysis. It also has the characteristics of compact size, plug and play, etc. It is also the choice of portable system users. USBCAN MODUL 8 usb to can interface card tool comes with USB interface, integrated CAN interface electrical isolation protection module, so as to avoid damage to the equipment due to transient overcurrent / overvoltage, enhance the reliability of the system in harsh environments .

Since Henry Ford of the United States and Karbenz of Germany have successively invented three- and four-wheeled vehicles, human beings have completely entered the era of cars instead of walking. After more than one hundred years of development, the number of cars is increasing, the types are becoming more and more abundant, the speed is getting faster and faster, and the comfort and operability of driving are getting higher and higher. Of course, for a long time in this hundred years, there will be several madmen who are unconventional in pursuing the ultimate speed or other aspects, but this does not affect the overall development trend of the car. Still, the cars are getting faster and more comfortable. Getting better and better. However, just like people's 4G or 5G networks, everyone will have a view that this is enough and no longer need to go forward. But when they adapt to this new thing, they will not hesitate to abandon what they insisted on. For example, do you still use the Saipan system phone now?

Said a lot, we will return to the issue of car upgrades. As we have said before, the trend of the car is that the car will get faster and faster. So how can I upgrade it faster? First, change the shape of the car's body, replace the aerodynamic layout, it is best to present a streamlined shape, which is convenient to reduce the wind resistance at high speed. Second, it is to increase the horsepower of the engine. Although the horsepower is not equal to the speed of the car, it will definitely affect the speed of the car. The 1500 hp Bugatti Veyron will be faster than the 150 hp AE86 anyway, which is an insurmountable gap. Then there is the comfort upgrade of the car. Up to now, whether it is a low-displacement car purchased for tens of thousands of yuan, or a luxury car such as Bentley Rolls-Royce bought for millions of dollars, in fact, there are things they have. It's just that the brand and quality of these things are quite different, but in fact, normal use is enough. Even if you buy a car for 10,000 yuan, you won't even have a soft seat. Compared to the past, it has been a great upgrade.
Finally, the operational upgrade of the car. In fact, the operation of the car is upgraded to see the car's own internal control system, which is the CAN bus. Some friends may ask if it is a CAN bus instead of another bus. Because the CAN bus itself is designed by Bosch in Germany for the upgrade of automotive control systems. Its data transmission speed is fast, and communication is very immobile. The associated node device is capable of receiving a command signal from the driver at the first time. At the same time, it can connect up to 128 node devices at a time. In other words, you only need one or two CAN buses to complete the device control of the entire car. A lot of extra lines are saved, which is convenient for installation and easy to repair. Furthermore, the anti-jamming capability of the CAN bus is second to none in many CAN buses. This ensures that it is not easily damaged in complex environments. The interior of the car is completely in line with this situation. Even if a node is damaged for one reason or another. It also actively cuts off the continuity between the bus and does not continue to send errors, causing the entire bus to collapse and affecting the safety of the driver. But we also said at the beginning of the article, who cares about their car getting better? Although the CAN bus has been so good, we actually want to make it even better. In order to do this, you need to detect and process the internal data, understand the content of the agreement, and improve and upgrade according to the actual situation. In general, you first need to connect a computer with the relevant test software and the car CAN bus, and let the CAN bus data and USB signal convert each other. To do this, you need a usb tocan interface card tool, such as the USBCAN MODUL 8 usb to can interface card tool from Shenyang Guangcheng Technology.