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The origin of obd and the function introduction

In the 21st century, with the improvement of people's quality of life, it is not just a look at the face, but also an era of richness. The car is the simplest and direct way. From the first rickshaw to the current high-end car, the change is more than just The shape, structure, and data transmission form of the car. So far, most of the cars we usually see use the CAN bus data to transmit various signals. We can't see these signals, but the vehicles will inevitably There is a fault, so each car has its own interface to the external communication - obd interface, we can achieve the reception of car signals by using USBCAN-OBD.
USBCAN-OBD is a kind of USBCAN, one is usb interface, the other is OBD interface, the PC end can be connected with the car through USBCAN-OBD, and then the car can be used by ECANTools software developed by Shenyang Guangcheng Technology. The internal can bus data is parsed. If your car is a gasoline car that complies with the ISO15765 protocol, the ECANTools software can also display data such as speed, speed, and water temperature through the instrument panel.
As an ideal means of transportation, the car is now sought after by people. After buying a car, it will soon be able to get started, but have you ever thought that we can realize many functions of the car through a few simple buttons, how is this? What do you do? The words obd appear on the instructions of our car. What does this mean? What can we do through this car obd interface? The following Shenyang Guangcheng Technology will come to you to reveal a powerful car obd.
When we are driving, we should have noticed that when we get on the bus, we will not issue the seat belt, the car will give an alarm, or when the door is not closed, the warning light will be on. How are these automatic alarm signals transmitted? This extends to the bus inside the car, the can bus, the signal is transmitted to the decoding module through the can bus, and then the decoding module will parse the received signal and pass it to each module, saying It's simple, but the actual situation is very complicated. At this time, someone might think about whether you can think of a way to see the signal transmission. The answer is yes, our own luxury car has a very hidden interface, obd Interface, this interface is used to help engineers complete the car signal detection, we can buy an obd decoder, and then through the obd software can read the data sent by each signal, engineers can also use this data for secondary development .
There are many magical uses for the car's obd interface. Here is an example. The obd interface was only used to monitor the exhaust of the car. However, in recent years, the car has become popular, and the use of obd has been developed more and more. Powerful, but the only purpose is to make it easier for users. We will follow the car obd knowledge with everyone in the future.