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Application of optical fiber to CAN in substation security s

    In substation security system, the management personnel in the monitoring center can implement control for all sorts of equipment at any time, remove the major accident hidden danger, the timely processing all kinds of unexpected circumstances, from the production equipment, production facilities, environment, personnel, and many other aspects to ensure the transformer substation of safety in production, greatly improving the production capacity of substations.
    With the deepening of the reform of power industry management system, and the progress of substation comprehensive automation technology, substation gradually transition to unattended.In view of the special working environment used in the substation, the first is to ensure that the equipment in the case of strong electromagnetic interference normal work, their own can not send super interference, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of substation equipment;The second is to fire and moistureproof, to ensure that the equipment can work in the worst case;The third is to ensure that security equipment can be real-time and accurate information such as images and sound to the monitoring center.
    So will be applied to the optical switch CAN technology will transform to the original line: in the first end of the security monitoring equipment plus CAN fiber optic converters (use) in pairs, first the CAN bus signal is converted into optical signals, through the optical fiber transmission medium, by light signals resolution back to CAN bus, the data complete passed to the monitoring terminal equipment.
    In this way, CAN extend the communication distance of CAN bus, achieve the role of remote monitoring substation system safety, and network line is reliable, easy to maintain, gradually realize the visual monitoring and remote centralized dispatching of power transmission network.
    By transferring optical fiber to CAN module and connecting it to CAN bus, the normal data transmission of CAN bus CAN be guaranteed even in the case of especially serious interference, and the communication distance of CAN bus CAN be greatly increased to make the data transmission of CAN bus farther.
    The application field of optical fiber CAN technology is not only applied to security system, but also the transformation of industrial transmission anti-interference line, subway tunnel detection system, fan internal transformation and so on.For this reason, CAN fiber converter plays an important role.