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What are the advantages of PLC compared with relay?

    In terms of installation and disassembly, PLC is very simple, skilled workers can complete its installation or disassembly in a very short time, especially suitable for some often need to change the content of the project.As can be seen from the appearance of the relay control system, it really takes a lot of effort to install or unload it, because it has too many lines and is particularly complex. If you act rashly, it may affect the whole body and cause irreversible consequences.
    In terms of equipment maintenance, PLC completion relay control system.In fact, we can easily see this in the comparison of the appearance of both sides. The PLC control system is simple in appearance, and the relevant control unit and circuit are clearly visible. If there is any problem, the maintenance workers can find the problem in a very short time and timely repair it.There are too many lines in the relay control system. If something goes wrong, the repairman has to check them one by one. I hope he doesn't mix them up in the middle and start over again.
    In the control flexibility, PLC has incomparable advantages.PLC is the programmable logic controller, it can be programmed according to the actual situation of the project, to adapt to the new requirements.It's also easy to remove.And relay control system can not be programmed not to say, disassembly is extremely difficult.
    In the equipment anti - interference ability, PLC is also better.We still see the shape of the PLC and relay control system, relay large number above the line is not only difficult to troubleshoot, remove the time-consuming, installation will end up is that they interfere with each other, you know, industrial control projects in general have a certain risk, if the control system has a problem, then there may be just a matter of property loss, and may cause casualties.

    Shenyang guangcheng technology GCAN-PLC-400 series mini PLC is a bus module controller integrated with PLC function.It has the characteristics of exquisite appearance and high cost performance, which CAN be used to connect CAN bus system, Modbus system and distributed bus terminal modules, and these terminal modules CAN be extended in a modular way.GCAN-PLC-400 series micro-PLC consists of a programmable main control module (GCAN-PLC-400), several GC series IO modules (GC-1008, GC3804, etc.) and a terminal module.The GCAN-PLC-400 main control module can connect all GC series IO modules. Users can choose to extend IO modules according to the actual demand of the field, and the number of extended IO modules can reach 32.GCAN-PLC-400 master control module supports automatic configuration. Users do not need to set parameters on PC. The master control module will automatically configure according to the position before and after the insertion terminal module.