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Car based on the characteristics of CAN bus

CAN bus is developed by the German Bosch company. In the automobile kingdom of Germany, the name of Bosch company CAN be said to be a household name.In order to be able to in the development of automotive electronics products, CAN bus arises at the historic moment, this is it appears, however, because of its excellent performance characteristics, in the later time, it also is used in the subway door switch control project, the development of artificial intelligence, the fire host networking system set up, control of railroad locomotive, etc.Comes from a CAN bus the following several characteristics:
1. The data transmission speed of CAN bus is fast enough, up to 1Mbps, which CAN basically achieve the immediacy of information transmission. In other words, when the command is issued here, the receiver CAN receive relevant instructions immediately.
2. CAN bus data transmission distance is far enough, as far as CAN be up to 10 km, which is mainly in industrial production advantage, in contrast, other such as 232 bus data transmission distance is less than 1 km, distance CAN not guarantee, let alone what data transmission speed, this is CAN bus for popular second reason
3. The data transmission mode of CAN bus is differential signal transmission, that is, it forms and transmits the signal through two twisted pair wires with different voltages. The advantage of this is that even if there is interference from the outside, it CAN resist to a certain extent, and there will be no immediate problems.To say the least, even if the CAN bus is damaged due to external interference, the node it damaged CAN automatically exit the control of the bus, without continuing to send wrong data and causing the whole line to crash.

In order to meet the needs of obd development, shenyang guangcheng technology co., ltd. has launched this auto obd development tool with independent intellectual property rights, USBCAN OBD, which is a portable can-bus communication interface card integrating 1-way CAN interface.USBCAN OBD type car OBD development tool is designed for automotive electronics development or automobile fault diagnosis of the user design, using the USBCAN OBD type car OBD development tools, rapid PC through USB interface to connect to car OBD interface of CAN bus network, make the PC CAN make cars CAN bus network in data processing, data acquisition node of CAN bus network control.