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Design and application of CAN bus repeater

     CAN bus is a kind of serial communication bus with multi-master mode, which has the characteristics of excellent stability, real-time, remote communication ability and super hardware CRC error correction, etc., enabling users to set up a stable and efficient fieldbus network. The application of CAN bus technology is no longer limited to the automobile industry, but extends to the fields of machinery, textile, control, intelligent building, power system, security monitoring and so on, and is recognized as one of the most promising fieldbus.

    CAN repeater is one of the key technical equipment of system networking, which CAN improve the flexibility of network design and connect two CAN bus networks with different baud rates. Data forwarding between the two networks greatly expands its scope. CAN bus is widely used in other fields due to its high reliability, flexibility and real-time performance.
Important role of repeater
(1) the data forwarding function of repeater expands the communication distance, but at the cost of increasing some store and forward delay.
(2)  the repeater increases the maximum number of CAN bus nodes.
(3)  the repeater improves the communication reliability of CAN bus. When the network fails, it usually affects only individual subnet segments.
(4) performance is improved.
(5)  CAN repeater CAN filter messages and reduce CAN bus burden by setting initialization parameters.
    Using CAN repeater to extend the distance of CAN bus has a great effect on reducing the cross-sectional area of CAN bus cable and saving the cost of CAN cable. It is also used to increase the load capacity of CAN bus and multiply the number of nodes that CAN be connected. It CAN also be used as a bridge so that CAN networks with different baud rates CAN communicate with each other. Rich and comprehensive CAN bus filtering Settings CAN achieve specific effects, shielding unnecessary information and reducing the target CAN network load; CAN be used as a CAN bus isolation device, greatly reduce the target network interference degree; The repeater has the extremely high conversion efficiency and the extremely short transmission delay, can adapt to the large traffic transmission; Repeater RS422, rs-485 standard interface configuration, can be used for all kinds of desktop, notebook, etc.