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What can USBCAN analyzer do in industrial safety?

USBCAN is a tool for CAN bus analysis which can be widely used. Whether in the factory building or on the crane's boom, there is no exception to the words that pay attention to safety. For industrial production, the safety of the workers is an inseparable topic. One is that education producers follow the law of production and avoid accidents from the source. The second is that we can stop the problem in time. The first method is to increase the number of sensors and monitoring. The second method is to start from the control bus of industrial production, which is the CAN bus we are going to talk about today.
CAN bus is an industrial bus, mainly developed for the development of automotive electronic products, but later with the continuous upgrade of developers, it is also applied to tram control, artificial intelligence development, industrial automation production and fire engine linkage etc. So why is it so widely applicable? The reasons are as follows, we take industrial automation production as an example:

1. CAN bus data transmission distance: We all know that the length of the industrial production line is very long, because it has to connect a myriad of specific operating equipment, complete countless specific operational processes from start to finish, if the industry controls it The bus distance is very close, then you need to connect multiple buses in series to work. We don't think about whether it can run, even if it succeeds, its efficiency will be greatly reduced, and it is very prone to problems. The farthest data transmission distance of the CAN bus up to 10KM overcomes this problem very well, leaving the industrial assembly line without any worries.

2. CAN bus can connect a large number of node devices: we have mentioned in the first point, the industrial production line needs to connect an infinite number of nodes, the number of which is of course the better, the CAN bus can theoretically connect up to 110 nodes, This is already outstanding in all kinds of industrial buses. In addition, more than one hundred nodes are actually running independently. If a node has a problem, it will automatically cut off the connection with the bus, and will not send the wrong data to affect the operation of the entire bus, resulting in the whole The breakdown of the production line.

3. CAN bus has ultra-fast data transmission speed, and has good anti-interference ability: these two points are actually the most needed in industrial production, such as the example at the beginning of our article, if the device operator finds someone appearing in error If you can stop the machine in time, you can stop the tragedy. This involves the problem of data transmission speed of the industrial control bus. The greater the baud rate value of the industrial bus at the unit distance, the stronger the immediacy of its operation, and the more timely the accident can be stopped. The CAN bus has a data transfer speed of up to 1 Mbps, which is basically sufficient for most industrial control needs. At the same time, it has good anti-interference ability, avoiding equipment errors during operation, and also ensuring the safety of the operator.

However, although the CAN bus has so many advantages, it will maybe have problems sometime. In order to avoid, we need to carry out continuous testing and upgrade work, and the tool used is the USBCAN analyzer device. Why is the USB interface, then you have to think about which type of interface is the most on the computer.
In order to meet the needs of engineers and related practitioners, GCAN has also introduced a number of corresponding USBCAN analyzer devices. Here we introduce the dual channel USBCAN-II PRO USB interface CAN analyzer. USBCAN-II PRO USB interface CAN analyzer is a high performance CAN-bus bus communication interface card with integrated 2-channel CAN interface. This type of USB interface CAN analyzer is compatible with USB2.0 bus full speed specification, adopts USBCAN-II Pro type USB interface CAN analyzer, PC can quickly connect to CAN-bus network through USB interface, which constitutes field bus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent CAN-bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in the CAN-bus network field such as residential area and automobile electronic network.
If you want to know more about GCAN USBCAN-II PRO USB interface CAN analyzer, please click the link below to learn more: