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The PLC programming software of GCAN-PLC (1)

Many people interested in PLC all has the questions: What's the programming software of GCAN-PLC and which programming language does it support? Today we are going to introduce you the programming software of GCAN-PLC, OpenPCS.
The programming software of GCAN-PLC is powerful in functions. Support online edit function: a feature whereby program changes are applied to the PLC without the need to restart it.
online-edit-programming software

OpenPCS programming software supports the PLCOpen standard XML-Import/Export for IEC 61131-3 projects. The XML export/import provides a way to export an entire project to a single XML file, and also to import a project from a XML file.

The Control Data Analyzer hands the programmer the possibility to observe the development of variables over time. The Analyzer can be started via View -> Control Data Analyzer. This option is online available whole being online.
The programming software of GCAN-PLC supports file and project templates, to minimize the effort of creating so-lutions for specific tasks. Templates can be used for re-sources, tasks, declarations, projects, program files, etc.

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