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Do You Know the 5 Main Component of PLC?

PLC is short for programmable logic controller which can be used in many areas all over the world. Do you know the 5 main component of PLC? GCAN is going to discuss the 5 parts with you following.

1st main component of PLC: CPU

The CPU in the PLC according to the functions given by the system program, directs the PLC to work in an orderly manner, and summarizes the following aspects:
GCAN-PLC uses German CPU which support 5 languages (SFC, LD, FBD, ST, IL) of IEC 61131-3. The programming software is OpenPCS and we'll supply you licence freely with GCAN-PLC.

2nd main component of PLC: Memory

There are two main types of memory: one is a read/write random RAM, and the other is a read only ROM, PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM. In the PLC, the memory is mainly used to store system programs, user programs, and work data.

3rd main component of PLC: I/O module

The input/output unit, also commonly referred to I/O module, is the connection between the PLC and the industrial production site. The PLC can detect various data of the controlled object through the input interface, and use these data as the basis for the PLC to control the controlled object. At the same time, the PLC sends the processing result to the controlled object through the output interface to achieve the control purpose.


4th main component of PLC: Communication interface

The PLC is equipped with various communication interfaces, which are generally provided with a communication processor. Through these communication interfaces, the PLC can communicate with devices such as monitors, printers, other PLCs, and computers. Do you remember how many communication interface does GCAN-PLC have without extend? Three: CAN, Ethernet and RS232/485!
4th-main-component-of-PLC-Communication interface

5th main component of PLC: Power supply

The PLC is equipped with a switching power supply for internal circuitry. Compared with ordinary power supply, PLC power supply has good stability and strong anti-interference ability. GCAN also can provide power supply if you need.

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