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The advantage of GCAN PLC controller

PLC controller
GCAN-PLC controller

PLC controller is also called programmable logic controller. As its name, it is a kind of control device which could be programmed. It is an important feature distinguishing it from traditional relay control equipment. Generally speaking, the industrial control personnel use the PLC equipment to control operation of the relay, and then the relay control equipment directly faces the specific related industrial production that may cause harm to the human body. Compared with relay controllers, PLC controller has the following advantages:

1. PLC controller equipment can be programmed, and it is more adaptable to work. If the content of the work item changes temporarily, PLC can be programmed in the fastest time to adapt to the new work needs.
plc controller
2. The structure of the PLC controller is simpler, the lines are arranged in an orderly manner, the floor space is small, while the wiring of the relay control equipment is complicated which is very troublesome to assemble or disassemble. In some projects that require temporary changes to the production schedule, PLCs have greater flexibility and higher cost performance than relay control.

plc controller
3. PLC controller, especially working with IO module, it can complete very complicated instruction work by plugging and inserting specific IO modules. Generally speaking, there are digital IO module, analog IO module, IO module specifically for communication, such as Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi or 4G and so on.
plc controller

It is precisely because expandable PLC controller equipment has so many advantages, so many manufacturers have turned their attention to this product. In order to meet the production needs of the majority of industrial control personnel, GCAN has also introduced our own PLC controller equipment. 

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