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4-20mA PLC IO modules for GC-bus

1. Brief Introduction

The GC-3654 module is an I/O module that integrates 4 4-20mA analog input point. 4-20mA PLC IO module can be used to acquire analog signals in real time and send the acquired values to the GCAN-PLC-400 or GCAN-8000/8100 series coupler. This module can be used with any other GC IO module.

2. Technical Parameter of 4-20mA PLC

1. Analog input point: 4;
2. Current range: 4~20mA;
3. Resolution: 16 bit;
4. The conversion time is less than 4ms;
5.Isolation: 500 Vrms (GC-bus signal voltage);
6. Powered by GCAN-PLC-400 or GCAN-8000/8100;
7. Current consumption is 130mA;
8. The bit width input in the process image is 4 x 2 bytes;
9. Configuration without address setting, configured by bus coupler or controller;

3. Typical Application

1. Collecting analog signals;
2. 4-20mA analog signal access PLC 
3. Access bus coupler or controller to realize the transmission of analog signals.

4. System status indicator

The GC-3654 4-20mA PLC module has 4 run indicators that indicate the operating status of the device. The specific indication function of the indicator light is shown in Table. When the indicator is lit, the status of the GC-3654 4-20mA PLC is shown in next two table.
4-20mA PLC
When the input signal of the GC-3654  4-20mA PLC module is connected normally and the current is more than 4, the running indicator will light up.
4-20mA PLC

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