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Serial port CAN module (gcan-201) serial port and CAN interf

  Serial port and CAN interface are not only different in interface form, but also in speed and distance, bus utilization, error detection mechanism, price and cost, communication protocol.The serial transport protocol is simple and full duplex.CAN, on the other hand, USES a pair of difference lines and a complex protocol to ensure error detection and other functions.The former industrial communication mainly depends on the serial port form, with the popularization of CAN bus technology, the new industrial control equipment gradually to CAN bus communication, compared with the serial port, using twisted pair transmission data, real-time, reliability and flexibility are better.It is the main means of access control for automatic control equipment in industrial control network and widely used in industrial control field.
  Guangcheng technology serial port to CAN module (gcan-201) CAN connect rs-232/485 communication equipment to CAN interface network, so as to establish communication between serial port equipment and CAN interface equipment.It forms the control nodes of data processing, data collection and data analysis in CAN interface network fields such as fieldbus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent community and automobile electronic network.CAN bus is a powerful tool for product development and data analysis.CAN module (gcan-201) provides three data conversion modes: transparent conversion, transparent band identification conversion, Modbus protocol conversion;Support ModbusRTU protocol.It supports rs-232 / rs-485 communication rate in the range of 600~115200bps, and can-bus communication rate in the range of 5Kbps~1Mbps.
  In a word, due to the difference between serial port and CAN bus interface form, there are obstacles in industrial communication, which often bring inconvenience to industrial control.Therefore, the serial port transfer CAN module (gcan-201) of guangcheng technology plays a great role, serving as a bridge of "communication" between the serial port and the CAN bus interface.