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Intelligent lighting system based on CAN bus

    The continuous development of communication networks and digital technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the introduction of green lighting have made people's demand for intelligent lighting more and more urgent. This paper introduces the significance of intelligent lighting implementation based on CAN bus.

The substation intelligent lighting control system based on CAN bus can realize the following functions:
    1) The whole field illumination of the substation can realize remote real-time over-control, set up the control center in the monitoring room/control station and configure the monitoring computer to transmit signals between the internal office network of the State Grid Corporation and the substation. The control center can perform remote real-time operations on all lighting devices in the system: automatic remote control, manual remote control and display of the switch status of each circuit and other important information indicating the operating status.
    2) For off-site lighting, time switch light control can be realized. For example, according to the geographical latitude and longitude, the local sunrise and sunset time is automatically calculated, and the time of the switch light is accurately adjusted according to the seasonal variation to achieve energy saving and energy quality improvement
    3) For the relay room, communication room, control room, etc. of the substation to achieve automatic induction dimming, with illuminance sensor, dimming according to the indoor environment, which not only provides a comfortable working environment for the staff but also achieves energy saving effect. The human body infrared sensor controller is installed to detect whether there is a regulating light switch present in the person, so that the person lights up and the person goes out.
    4) Data acquisition, storage and query functions of the whole field lighting system can analyze the collected voltage, current power and fault, determine whether the current running state is good, and obtain various data curve charts.
    5) On-site manual control can be realized for the whole field illumination. The specific implementation method is to set the manual switch of each circuit in the distribution electric box for outdoor lighting. The lighting switch circuit can be manually controlled in real time according to the requirements of the site; the indoor lighting circuit is adopted. Unit control module with manual button. The entire lighting circuit satisfies the requirements of distributed management that can be decentralized and centralized, providing convenience for operation, maintenance and management.
  The CAN bus device provided by Shenyang Guangcheng Technology is small and exquisite, and the control function is very powerful for data reception.