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USB to CAN adapter for car CAN bus analysis

There are more and more motor vehicles all over the world, in addition to considering the air pollution problem, many countries are actually aware of the safety control issues of automobiles. The control system hidden inside the car is the car bus and in general, it is CAN bus. CAN to USB adapter is a tool to connect computer with CAN bus to analyze CAN bus data.

In fact, there are many types of industrial buses, such as the fiber-optic bus, UART bus, and various serial bus that we are not familiar with, but in general, the CAN bus is undoubtedly the most suitable for use in car control. The main reasons are as follows:
1. The CAN bus itself is developed by Bosch in Germany for the development and upgrading of automotive electronic products. Compared with other industrial buses that were originally used for industrial production lines, it has inherent advantages.
2, CAN bus has a good bus anti-interference ability, can work normally under more serious external interference, even if there is a problem with a connected node device, it will automatically cut off the information connection with the entire CAN bus. The erroneous data will not be sent arbitrarily, causing the flaw of the entire bus, and the driver's life safety is ensured on the side.
3. CAN bus data transmission distance is long, data transmission speed is fast, and there are many node devices that can be connected. This aspect can ensure that the driver can stop the car operation in the first time when there is an accident, and consider the limited internal space of the car. The problem, after all, if every two nodes need to be connected separately, the entire control line will be extremely bloated, which will greatly occupy the limited space inside the car and undermine the comfort of driving.

It is precisely because of the above advantages that the CAN bus stands out in many kinds of industrial buses and becomes a standard automotive control bus. But we also have to consider another problem. How good is the automotive CAN bus? It is also a kind of artificially developed product. Since it is a product, it will inevitably have such problems. It also needs constant testing and improvement. In order to maximize the vitality, the tool for the corresponding inspection tasks is the CAN analyzer device, especially the CAN to USB adapter.
Why do we particularly emphasize the best use of this CAN to USB adapter? Because when performing the target CAN bus test upgrade or sending and receiving data, we need to connect the CAN analyzer between the target CAN bus and the computer with the host computer test software. Needless to say, the CAN bus connection is connected to the twisted pair cable using the terminal interface. On the computer side, we generally do not have a CAN interface. Therefore, we need the CAN to USB adapter device to have a special USB interface to connect with our host computer. As a result, the CAN to USB adapter is born.

Among the wide variety of CAN to USB adapter, the author hereby recommend the GCAN USBCAN-I PRO CAN to USB module. The USBCAN-I PRO CAN to USB module has core advantages such as high quality, high cost performance, high stability and reliability, and has been widely recognized by many users. Users can use this model CAN to USB adapter to develop, test, manage and maintain the CAN network, record, send and receive, and analyze bus data.

This CAN to USB module can be used for standard CANopen protocol analysis, and the CANopen format data can be visually displayed according to the corresponding format, which is convenient for users to perform data processing and data analysis. If you would like to know more about this device, please click on the link below: