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What are the benefits of CAN entrance switching to fiber opt

Extend the communication distance of CAN bus.
    CAN bus transmission of data benefits we should all know, its communication speed is fast, real-time strong, transmission distance is far, anti-electromagnetic interference ability is strong, low cost and so on, so the most industrial applications.However, in the long-distance transmission, its transmission distance is insufficient, so CAN entrance has to be converted into optical fiber for communication, so as to solve the problem of communication distance of CAN bus.

    Electromagnetic interference, earth ring interference is a headache for the majority of engineers, CAN entrance into optical fiber communication, CAN effectively avoid this phenomenon.In particular, the potential of different nodes caused by equipment burning and strong electromagnetic induction, high voltage caused by interference.
Transparent, lossless transmission
    The gcan-208 module CAN convert the transparent and lossless data of CAN bus into optical signals, and then analyze the transparent and lossless optical signals into CAN bus data.
High safety and reliability
    In General the reliability of a system is related to the number of devices that make up the system.The more devices there are, the greater the chance of failure. With the CAN switching fiber module, the intermediate equipment involved in transmission and conversion will be eliminated, and the service life of optical fiber cable and CAN bus equipment will be very long.This is a great increase in the reliability of work, and makes communication safer and easier.
Cost savings
    Using CAN bus to set up the network itself CAN save a lot of wiring costs, especially for the complex control system.The data CAN be converted into optical fiber communication through CAN entrance, which CAN further save the cost of intermediate transmission equipment. Users CAN easily complete the long-distance communication system by using our gcan-208 module in pairs.