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Interconnection between CAN bus and Ethernet

With the further development and improvement of Ethernet technology, especially the improvement of communication rate and the application of interactive technology, it is possible to apply Ethernet technology in field control field, which has a new impact on industrial control network.
Ethernet has the advantages of flexibility, convenience, speed and reliability.So, if the field bus and Ethernet connectivity, can achieve the underlying production tight integration with upper management, so that the control device layer to management in the process of integration, makes the enterprise can be widely used in wireless communications, intelligent device, the Internet and new technologies, such as decision support system, in order to improve efficiency and reduce cost.Therefore, it has become a trend to combine can bus and Ethernet into CANNET module.
When data and requests are sent through Ethernet, RJ45 is sent to RTL8019AS, which is responsible for sending the processed Ethernet frames to TCP/IP protocol stack of SX52, where the datagram is analyzed to obtain the original request and control information.Request and control information is then encapsulated in CAN protocol format through SJA1000, and then communicated with CAN bus devices in the field.The process of requesting and controlling reply messages to the LAN is the reverse of the above.
Ut-2506canbus CAN quickly connect rs-232/485 communication devices to can-bus fieldbus.The converter supports rs-232 / rs-485 communication rate in the range of 1200~115200bps, and can-bus communication rate in the range of 5Kbps~1Mbps.The converter provides three data conversion modes: transparent conversion, transparent band identification conversion and Modbus protocol conversion.Support ModbusRTU protocol.
With the continuous improvement of Internet information sharing technology, Ethernet and measurement and control network fusion CAN realize CAN bus to Internet communication.GCAN  continuously research and development more high-end, strong commonality, high stability, good safety CAN bus analyzer series, CAN bus gateway/converter series, series of imported equipment, CANopen series products and services, and other series of custom-made equipment and services, industrial automation and automotive electronic products such as series, including USBCAN, we often use include the single channel USBCAN, dual channel USBCAN, portable USBCAN, etc., and our common contact most cars use the USBCAN obd and so on.