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The difference between CAN Bus and CAN open

    CAN-Bus is abstract meaning is controller local area network.In fact, it is a twisted pair with high and low level difference.It plays the role of data transmission, based on its real-time, reliability and effectiveness of serial communication, is favored by the majority of engineers. it has been extended to mechanical manufacturing, industrial automation, servo motor control, large medical devices, building security monitoring and other fields.At present, CAN-Bus has become one of the preferred field buses for industrial communication.
    CANopen is an application layer protocol based on CAN-BUS.In order to apply CAN-Bus to more fields, some European companies first launched CAL protocol, and CANopen is a sub-protocol designed based on CAL. It has good modularity and high adaptability, and CAN be applied to a large number of application fields through expansion.CANopen not only defines the application layer and communication sub-protocols, but also defines a large number of industry regulations for programmable systems, different devices, interfaces and application sub-protocols, which have obtained a large number of applications in machinery manufacturing, railway, vehicle, ship, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields.At present, it has become the leading standard in industrial CAN bus network system.
    CANopen defines a set of rules on the basis of CAN-Bus, and the two parties using it to communicate understand the meaning of exchanging information with each other.The information exchanged is transmitted on the CAN bus.Therefore, CAN-Bus defines the physical layer and link layer, while CANopen defines the application layer on the basis of can-bus, and specifies the conventions used by users, software and network terminals for information exchange.
    Generally speaking, CAN-Bus is the transmission medium, while CANopen is a communication language.Data can be passed through the medium, and both sides need to use the same language standards to understand each other.
    CAN-Bus only defines layer 1 and layer 2, without the participation of software.CANopen defines layer 7, in which devices communicate by exchanging communication objects with each other.The application, written by the user, implements CANopen communication through manipulation of the object dictionary.
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