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Car CAN message analysis application example display

The early CAN bus was more expensive to use, and its performance was superior to other buses, it was basically applied to luxury cars. Later, with the advancement of technology, the use cost of CAN bus gradually decreased, and it started. A large-scale popularization activity makes it possible to use the CAN bus as a communication control system even for ordinary vehicles. The CAN bus protocol is actually more than one. The more famous ones are CANopen, J1939, DEVICENET, etc. As for the small popularity, the CAN protocol is not very high, and there are countless, although there is a certain degree in product confidentiality. Positive significance, but for the detection and development of CAN bus products, it is undoubtedly a very headache. As a result, specialized car CAN message analysis work came into being.

Engineer working on the car CAN messages analysis

The message refers to the data circulating inside the car CAN bus. The car CAN message analysis is a translation of the car data. In order to accomplish this goal, we need the following conditions:
1. Car CAN message analysis need to have certain knowledge of CAN bus. If they don't have it, they need to invite engineers who have this skill to do it. After all, this work is a test of professional skills.
2, the appropriate CAN analyzer tool, as the saying goes, the clever woman is difficult to be without rice, with the professional car CAN message analysis ability does not mean that you will be able to do this work, without the support of hardware CAN analyzer tools, industry It is also difficult to carry on. Generally speaking, such CAN analyzers have different types such as single channel, dual channel and multi channel, and the user should select according to the actual situation, instead of causing corresponding resource waste.
3. The computer equipment with CAN data analysis PC software installed is the same as the second point. The professional knowledge is not enough. You also need the PC computer that can control the CAN analyzer for data transmission and reception. By sending and receiving the car CAN message, you will find the problems and vulnerabilities, complete the detection and upgrade of the target CAN bus.

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