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Wireless WIFI to CAN--From GCAN, for Industrial 4.0

Wide use of WIFI
WiFi, also known as "action hotspot" , is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance manufacturer as a product brand certification, and is a wireless LAN technology created in the IEEE802.11 standard. IEEE 802.11 devices have been installed on many products in the market, such as personal computers, game consoles, MP3 players, smart phones, tablets, printers, laptops and other peripherals that can wirelessly access the Internet. It has the following characteristics:
(1) WiFi has wider bandwidth
(2) WiFi has higher RF signal
(3) Wi-Fi has lower power consumption
Compared with Bluetooth, WIFI communication has undoubtedly more advantages. Therefore, in the field of industrial communication, engineers have also turned their attention to this place. CAN to WIFI tools came into being. Here we refer to CAN, which refers to CAN-bus. It was designed by Bosch in Germany for the development of automobiles and its electronic products. Later, because it has a long data transmission distance (up to 10,000 meters), the data transmission speed is fast (the baud rate is within 40 meters). Up to 1Mbps, 5Kbps in 10,000 meters distance, strong anti-interference ability, can connect more node devices (a CAN bus can theoretically connect 110 different node devices), not easy to crash (each node on the CAN bus can It has been established as one of the most promising industrial buses by Western developed countries, and the data transmission and reception work with the bus itself does not affect other devices. It has its own international standard (ISO11898). In our country, although the development time of CAN bus is not long, it is very strong. It is believed that it will gradually replace RS232 and RS485 bus in the foreseeable future, occupying rail traffic. Control, industrial automation, artificial intelligence development, fire engine linkage and other fields.

WIFI communication has many advantages that many wired networks can't match.
In order to better use CAN bus communication in the wild, engineers have put their eyes on WIFI. With the characteristics of WIFI itself, CAN bus communication that could not be realized in the past is no longer a problem. In order to meet the development needs of the majority of CAN bus engineers and practitioners, GCAN has launched the GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI tool, which integrates 2 CAN interfaces, 1 Ethernet interface and 1 WiFi interface. Using GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI tool, CAN bus engineers and related practitioners can easily complete the interconnection of CAN-bus network and WiFi network, and further expand the scope of CAN-bus network.
GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI tool is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and CAN-bus data analysis. PC, mobile phone and PAD can be quickly connected to CAN-bus network via WiFi to form field bus laboratory and industry. CAN-bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in CAN-bus network fields such as control, intelligent community, and automotive electronic network. At the same time, the GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI tool has the characteristics of small size, plug and play, etc. It is the choice of users of portable systems.
GCAN-211 WIFI to CAN converter

The GCAN-211 CAN to WIFI tool has integrated the CAN interface electrical isolation protection module to avoid damage to the equipment due to transient overcurrent/overvoltage and enhance the reliability of the system in harsh environments.

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