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ISO 15765 protocol analysis-OBD II interface of GCAN USB CAN

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what's ISO 15765?

ISO 15765 protocol is a diagnostic protocol on CAN-bus. ISO 15765-1 includes the physical layer and data link layer, ISO 15765-2 describes the network layer, and ISO 15765-3 specifies the specific services to the application layer.

And many people will refer to the ISO 15765 protocol as the OBD II protocol.

So if you want to see the detail meaning of ISO 15765 Protocol from your car. Just need connect PC and OBD interface with our USB CAN series devices.
This just happened to use our USB CAN ISO15765
Then only a few steps, you can get these, from the following, we can see "OBD II" interface.

 usb can iso 15765

USBCAN series devices can use the ISO15765 protocol parsing function unique to ECAN Tools software. By using this device to access the car OBD interface, the actual value of the internal sensor of the car can be analyzed, and the data analysis function supports the ISO15765 protocol. The speed, speed and water temperature can be displayed on the software dashboard.

We also designed some special features to associate these parameters on the software dial.
usb can iso15765

what a so COOL function it is!!!

USBCAN series products can read, analyze and clear the fault codes of automobiles, and analyze the vehicle sensor data specified in ISO15765 protocol: engine speed, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, voltage, intake manifold pressure, intake air temperature, air flow rate. , throttle position, oxygen sensor voltage, fuel pressure, etc. The numerical changes of the above data can be saved in the computer in real time.
Click here to get more information about GCAN USB CAN ISO 15765.

At Last, if you want to buy such a  USB CAN ISO 15765 device, fell free to tell us, we are glad to help.

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