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4 Questions you have to know about Modular PLC _ GCAN

GCAN-PLC-400 is a modular PLC newly introduced by Shenyang GCAN in recent years. Since its launch, it has been widely used by industrial control personnel and engineers because of its good use and high cost performance. Welcome, but at the same time, many potential users have many questions like this. Today, we have selected a few typical questions about the GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC for everyone to answer, hope to help you in need:

Question 1: Is the GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC made in China?
A: The GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC is made in China, but its core is made in Germany. The performance is very stable. It can be programmed in five programming languages ​​according to the IEC61131-3 standard, including: SFC ( Sequential function diagram), LD (ladder diagram), FBD (function block), ST (structured text), IL (instruction list), basically meet the programming needs of all industrial control personnel for PLC.
Question 2: What types of inserts are available for GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC?
A: We know that GCAN-PLC-400 is a PLC device that can be expanded by plugging and unplugging IO modules. Its IO insert types include digital input inserts, counter input inserts, digital quantities. Output insert, PWM pulse output insert, relay output insert, voltage input insert, current input insert, PT100 temperature input insert, voltage output insert, current output insert, 4G communication insert, Bluetooth communication insert Etc., etc. In the near future, GCAN Tech will gradually develop all kinds of IO function inserts to meet all practical needs of users.

Question 3: What are the advantages of the insert type GCAN-PLC-400?
A: Just like when we play games, we can choose different characters. With different IO function inserts, you can change the function of PLC. The controller can make the most correct selection and change according to actual needs. Convenience. PLC devices that are not pluggable types often only support one type of function. If you want to include multiple technologies at the same time, it will greatly increase the cost, which is unbearable for consumers. Therefore, the modular PLC with extremely high cost performance and quick and convenient use has been widely welcomed by everyone.
Question 4: Is it really important for the GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC to have a CAN interface?
A: It is really important. For PLC, the ability to control quickly and effectively is its greatest mission. Therefore, it not only needs to have excellent performance, but also needs a certain carrier to exert its performance. In the early days, the PLC was connected to the RS232 bus or the RS485 bus. At present, the PLC is generally installed on the CAN bus first. The main reason is that the overall characteristics of the CAN bus are better than the first two. By. Needless to say, the RS232 bus has fewer nodes to connect, data transmission is near, and the speed is slow. Although the RS485 bus has many nodes connected and the data transmission distance is equivalent to the CAN bus, its natural design and construction problems make it more susceptible to external interference, and it is easy to send erroneous data. The reliability is not as good as the CAN bus, but in industrial production. This is almost fatal. Therefore, it is really important that the GCAN-PLC-400 modular PLC has a CAN interface.
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