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Need a powerful and low cost CAN bus data logger?

Do you need a powerful and low cost CAN bus data logger? GCAN is the right place for you!
CAN bus data logger
Figure 1 GCAN-401 CAN bus data logger

The GCAN-401 CAN bus data logger can be connected to the CAN bus directly after setting the right baud rate. It can support a wide baud rate range from 10k to 1000k. The system clock inside could be configured time as you need. It has high speed 32-bit industrial-grade processor and could extended 32G internal memory(approximately messages).

Data will be stored on  TF-card with 2 formats: text file (TXT), binary files (DAT), which you can select by swich up/down the NO.7 code switch. When you want to transfer the logged data to a PC, a standard mini-USB cable can connect them easily.

CAN bus data logger
Figure 2 Code switch for CAN baud rate & data format

GCAN-401 CAN bus data logger has two indicator: SYS indicator, CAN indicator.
SYS OFF: System error
SYS ON: System initialization failed
SYS Blinkng: System initialization finifhed
CAN ON then turn OFF: No CAN-Bus data transfering
CAN ON:  TF card error
CAN Blinking: CAN-Bus data transfering

GCAN-401 CAN bus data logger has been integrated internal 120Ω terminal resistor, users can choose whether access through dial the code switch. GCAN-401connect to CAN-Bus as CAN_H to CAN_H, CAN_L to CAN_L. The CAN-bus network adopts topological structure, only the two furthest terminal need to connect 120Ω terminal resistance between CAN_H and CAN_L. For branch connection, its length should not be more than 3m. CAN-bus nodes connection as shown in figure 3.

CAN bus data logger

Figure 3 CAN bus network

You can use the GCAN-401 to record CAN bus data from any CAN based applications - including:
- Small & Medium Duty: Cars, motorcycles, scooters, electric vehicles, vans, ...
- Heavy Duty: Trucks, buses, tractors, harvesters, mobile cranes, foresters, excavators, forklifts, ...
- Other: EV batteries & BMS, boats, aircrafts, industrial production machinery, robotics, ...

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