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Talking about several reasons for the damage of the Ethernet

    The Ethernet can converter is a common CAN data repeater, which can realize CAN data relay of about 100 meters. Its appearance may be as follows, with integrated RJ45 network interface
GCAN-202 Ethernet to CAN Gateway
     For safety reasons, such equipment generally uses iron casing to protect its internal components and circuit boards. However, many friends who use this type of equipment for the first time will still cause damage to the equipment due to various reasons. Let's briefly talk about it below.
GCAN-202 Ethernet to CAN gateway interface display
     The first is that the device is connected to a power source that exceeds the specified voltage range. We know that if a CAN-to-Ethernet device wants to operate, it needs an external power supply of 9-30V specification, and the maximum value should not exceed 30V. If you accidentally connect it to a household 220V AC and then power it on, it will be strange if the device does not burn.
     Then the power cord was mistakenly connected to the CAN interface of the device and energized, causing damage to the CAN communication module of the device, and then the device lost its ability to operate. There is not much to talk about. Static electricity that usually lasts for a very short time may paralyze the equipment, not to mention the continuous electric shock.
Practical use of GCAN-202 equipment
     Some friends may also say that the device is afraid of falling from a high place. This is indeed the case, but the probability of its occurrence is small. The sturdy iron casing of the CAN-to-Ethernet device can also be protected to a large extent, so We should be more careful about the first two situations.
     In order to meet the needs of everyone for CAN-to-Ethernet equipment, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the GCAN-202 Ethernet-to-CAN gateway. It is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and CAN-bus data analysis. PCs can pass Ethernet The interface is quickly connected to the CAN-bus network to form a CAN-bus network control node for data processing and data acquisition in the field of CAN-bus network fields such as fieldbus laboratories, industrial control, intelligent communities, and automotive electronic networks. At the same time, the device has the characteristics of small size, plug and play, etc., and it is also a good choice for portable system users.

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