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How far can the CAN repeater relay?

The can repeater can be seen from the name, it is a device used to extend the effective communication distance of the CAN bus. At present, common CAN repeaters include CAN-to-WiFi repeaters, CAN-to-Ethernet repeaters, CAN-to-optical fiber repeaters, and CAN repeater bridges. Because the relay medium is different, the distance they carry on CAN relay is also different.

In general, the relay distance that CAN to WiFi repeater can achieve should be relatively close. After all, the distance of WiFi signal transmission is only ten meters, even after signal amplification, it does not exceed 100 meters. In comparison, CAN-to-fiber repeaters can realize CAN relays of several kilometers or even more than ten kilometers, and can be widely used in projects such as fire host networking or building elevator control.

In order to meet everyone’s needs for CAN-to-fiber repeater, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the GCAN-208 CAN-to-fiber repeater device, which integrates 1 (or 2) standard optical fiber interfaces (single-mode, multi-mode). , SC, ST optional), 2 road (or 1 road) standard CAN bus interface industrial-grade CAN bus to optical fiber converter.
GCAN-208 series modules can convert CAN bus data into optical signals for transmission through optical fibers. By using GCAN-208 series modules in pairs, users can easily extend the CAN bus communication distance, effectively eliminate long-distance communication interference, and prevent the bus from being damaged by electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference, lightning strikes and other damage to the bus and equipment.

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