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You have to use this device for remote CAN bus relay

    CAN bus is an industrial field bus developed by Bosch, Germany. It has fast communication speed, a large number of connectable nodes, and strong anti-interference ability. Automobiles use it for control. In addition to being used in automobiles, industrial automation projects often choose it because of the excellent characteristics of the CAN bus. However, a problem has arisen. Industrial control projects require the CAN bus to maintain a higher communication rate at a longer distance. This is impossible due to the characteristics of the CAN bus itself. Therefore, we need to use a CAN repeater to relay the CAN bus, and the CAN-to-fiber gateway is the perfect tool to realize remote CAN relay.
GCAN-208 equipment size display
     The CAN-to-fiber gateway is a device that can convert CAN bus signals into optical signals. Because the speed of optical signal transmission is fast enough, it does not receive much interference, so it is better to use it for relay stability and security. At the same time, there are many sub-categories of CAN-to-fiber gateway devices and various connection methods, which can meet the diverse needs of users.
GCAN-208 device interface display
     Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the GCAN-208 series of CAN-to-fiber gateways to meet everyone’s needs for CAN-to-fiber gateways, which can convert CAN bus data transparently and losslessly into optical signals, and then analyze the optical signals transparently and losslessly. Into CAN bus data. Guangcheng Technology uses unique bus signal conversion technology, which can achieve the conversion time between CAN data and optical signal in microseconds, so as to ensure the real-time communication, so GCAN-208 can support any CAN bus communication protocol Such as: CANopen, SAEJ1939, DeviceNet, NMEA2000, etc.

Practical application of GCAN-208 equipment
     If you need more information about Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-208 series CAN-to-fiber gateway, you can click the link below or call the engineer for specific understanding. Welcome to visit.

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