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You should pay attention to these three points when using ca

    The can module refers to all kinds of devices that integrate CAN bus interface and can transmit and receive CAN data. The more common ones are USBCAN analyzer, CAN data conversion gateway, CAN acquisition memory, etc. Generally, their interfaces are terminal types, as shown in the figure below.

    USBCAN I PRO type single channel CAN analyzer
     Before we use these CAN modules, we should pay attention to three things. After all of them are fixed, the CAN modules can work normally.
     First of all, it is the connection between two CAN devices. CAN high is connected to CAN high, and CAN low is connected to CAN low. The direction is irreversible. Otherwise, the differential voltage signal cannot be generated on the bus, and CAN communication is naturally out of the question.
    USBCAN I PRO type single channel CAN analyzer
     Secondly, two resistors with a resistance value of 120 ohms need to be connected to the CAN bus. Their function is to prevent signal reflection from affecting the normal communication of the bus. Generally, these two resistors should be connected to the two nodes with the farthest distance from the bus. However, if the CAN module in your hand integrates the corresponding resistance, just remember to turn on the resistance dial switch.
     The last point is that if two CAN devices want to send data to each other, their communication rate, that is, the baud rate is the same when needed, otherwise, the lips of the donkey are not right, and no one understands it. Are you clear?

USBCAN I PRO type single channel CAN analyzer size

     In order to meet the needs of everyone for USBCAN tools, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has launched the USBCAN I PRO single-channel CAN analyzer. It is our company's CAN bus analyzer. This model analyzer has high quality, high cost performance, high stability and reliability. And other core advantages, it has been widely recognized by many users, and it is currently the universal CAN analyzer on the market. Users can use the USBCAN I PRO single-channel CAN analyzer to develop, test, manage, and maintain CAN networks, record, send and receive, and analyze bus data. The USBCAN I PRO single-channel CAN analyzer can be used for standard CANopen protocol analysis. It can visually display CANopen format data in the corresponding format, which is convenient for users to perform data processing and data analysis.

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