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Modbus communication bus converter

GCAN-204 converter has one CAN-Bus interface, one serial interface. The GCAN-204 integrates the Modbus RTU protocol. With the GCAN-204 , user can use the serial bus connect to other equipment (with Modbus RTU protocol) access the CAN-Bus communication interface. GCAN-204 has integrated isolation protection module. Using DIN railway fixed, it can be easier to integrate into the control cabinet.

Working mode
Trace mode
When Modbus master writes corresponding address data of Modbus with a 06 instruction.If the data changes,it will trigger the corresponding data transmission of CAN.
Timer mode
Users can set interval time in "Send Timer",transmit CAN frame data circularly.Input the decimal number,the unit is milliseconds.For example,input "1000" can trans_x001f__x001f_mit once at intervals of 1000ms.
Application scenarios
Map between Modbus register address and CAN ID.
Can connect CAN bus communication equipment to Modbus network for centralized collection/control.

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