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Provide you with a CAN bus intelligent acquisition card for

Function description
   GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card is a module specially used to store CAN bus data introduced by our company. The module integrates a standard CAN bus interface. By connecting the module to the CAN bus, real-time storage of CAN bus data can be realized.
   GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card is equipped with a TF memory card to store the data on the bus in the TF memory card in real time, realizing offline offline real-time storage. After the storage is over, the user only needs to bring the TF card back, and restore the stored data to the real bus data through the dedicated software, which is convenient for the user to analyze.
   GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card is suitable for systems that require CAN bus historical data acquisition and message analysis before and after failure. It can be widely used in automobiles, rail vehicles, industrial control and other systems with large amounts of data and difficult to troubleshoot, which is convenient for data playback.
GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card
   performance characteristics
   (1) GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card integrates a standard CAN bus interface, using OPEN3 terminal blocks;
   (2) CAN bus supports CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B frame format, conforms to ISO/DIS11898 standard;
   (3) CAN bus communication baud rate between 5Kbps~1Mbps can be configured by dial switch;
   (4) DC+9~30V power supply;
   (5) The CAN bus interface adopts electrical isolation, and the insulation voltage of the isolation module: DC1500V;
   (6) Receive data flow: 8000fps/sec;
   (7) The time stamp accuracy of CAN terminal receiving message can reach 1us;
   (8) Operating temperature range: -40℃~+85℃.

GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent capture card size
   Storage function description
    Please note: GCAN-401 CAN bus smart capture card only supports TF memory cards with a capacity of 32G and a file system in FAT32 format. If your TF card is not in this format, you need to reformat the memory card into FAT32 format and format the storage. The card will clear all the data, please be cautious!
    The CAN bus data memory has integrated the system clock. The real and accurate system clock and file system enable the module to store and manage data on a daily basis, that is, create a new folder according to the date every day, and automatically store the data stored on that day in the corresponding folder. middle. The module will create a new file every minute in the folder of the day, and save the data received this minute to the corresponding file.
GCAN-401 CAN bus intelligent acquisition card interface annotation
    The CAN bus data memory supports four data storage formats: 1) text file (.TXT), 2) binary file (.DAT), 3) file supported by vector software (.ASC), 4) batch file (.CAN) . It can be switched by the 6th and 7th switches in the 8-position DIP switch.
  1. High-speed rail control cabinet communication real-time recording
  2, real-time record of communication of subway electrical cabinet
  3, car data record playback
  4, unmanned monitoring CAN bus data record
   5. Failure record analysis

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