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Ethernet converter can be used in building security equipmen

Compared with outdoor areas such as roads, it is more necessary and common to establish a security system in the building. Several sensors, sensors, and cameras are located in all corners of the building. Once a problem occurs, the surveillance personnel can Deal with the problem within a time. Wait, deal with it first? Should the image or information about the problem be transmitted to the monitor's office screen as soon as possible? Therefore, the instantaneous transmission of information in the security system is very important. In order to meet our actual needs, we now use the CAN bus as the communication control bus in most cases because of its fast data transmission speed (1000Kbps within 40 meters, and the speed gradually decreases over 40 meters), and the data transmission distance is farthest (farthest Up to 10 kilometers), can connect more node devices (a CAN bus can be connected to 110 node devices at the same time without outside help), stable data transmission, strong anti-interference ability (differential voltage signal transmission information . The stability of data transmission is guaranteed). However, with the passage of time, we found that the CAN bus is also not quite able to meet our communication needs. Why is this?
For the security monitoring system in the building, using the existing Ethernet as a relay means is a good choice. On the one hand, we do not need additional wiring, and the construction difficulty is reduced a lot. In addition, the data transmission speed of Ethernet is very fast, far exceeding the maximum data transmission speed of CAN bus, as a relay between CAN buses The media is completely free of problems. Some friends may have such a question, then I can't use Ethernet directly? In fact, this statement is not wrong, but Ethernet does not have the ability of CAN bus to resist external interference, so in a comprehensive way, let them play their own advantages is the best way.

  In order to realize the above idea, you need some special CAN / Ethernet converters, such as GCAN-202 of Shenyang Guangcheng Technology. Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-202 CAN / Ethernet converter is a high-performance CAN-bus communication interface card that integrates 2 CAN interfaces and 1 Ethernet interface. Adopt GCAN-202 type CAN / Ethernet converter, users can easily complete the interconnection of CAN-bus network and Ethernet network, further expand the scope of CAN-bus network.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-202 can / Ethernet converter is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and CAN-bus data analysis. The PC can be quickly connected to the CAN-bus network through the Ethernet interface to form a fieldbus laboratory, CAN-bus network control node for data processing and data collection in the field of CAN-bus networks such as industrial control, intelligent communities, and automotive electronic networks. At the same time, the device has the characteristics of small size, plug and play, and is also a good choice for users of portable systems.