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Logistic vehicle and CAN bus data offline storage instrument

Speaking of Double Eleven and 618, everyone can think of shopping carnival. For the logistics industry, these days are the busiest. If there are more cars, more resources will be consumed. For example, a car may wind a few kilometers more because of some things in a day, so the fuel consumption will be more, and there will be more cars. There are several cars belonging to this logistics company. All cars are like this, the overall waste of fuel is not just that simple, it is all cost.
Then the question also comes, how to monitor it? Put a camera in the car? Yes, this approach is indeed necessary, but this is only to monitor the driver, it has no meaning for the working state of the car itself, not all drivers are deliberately bypassing the long road, it is really possible that the car itself has problems. The consumption of resources has intensified. So, what if the status of the car is monitored? Very simple, we only need the CAN data of the car. Below, we briefly talk about the CAN bus.

In order to meet the related needs of logistics companies, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has also launched the CAN bus data offline storage device GCAN-402 with independent intellectual property rights. Shenyang Guangcheng Technology GCAN-402 CAN bus data offline storage instrument is a module specially used by our company to store CAN bus data. The module integrates 2 standard CAN bus interfaces. By connecting the module to the CAN bus, real-time storage of CAN bus data can be achieved.
 Shenyang Guangcheng Technology GCAN-402 CAN bus data offline storage instrument stores the data on the bus to the TF memory card in real time by carrying a TF memory card to achieve offline offline real-time storage. After the storage, the user only needs to bring the TF card back, and the stored data can be restored to the real bus data through the dedicated software, which is convenient for the user to analyze.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-402 CAN bus data offline storage instrument is suitable for systems that require CAN bus historical data collection and message analysis before and after failure. It can be widely used in systems with large data volume such as automobiles, rail vehicles, industrial control, and difficult to troubleshoot, which is convenient for data playback.