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PLC in machine makes better control

Most of the industrial products around us, such as cars, ships, airplanes, and various construction machinery, are the final products of machine tools. Different types of PLC in machine tools process the blanks into standard parts according to a pre-programmed procedure, and then assemble the parts through the assembly line to form the final product.

plc in machine
Of course, this number is still increasing and the quality is rising. PLC in machine makes these machine tools work better, we not only need a large number of professionals to devote ourselves to this industry, but also better optimize them from control to achieve higher production efficiency and save corresponding working hours. At this time, we have to mention the PLC in machine.

1 switching quantity
This is the the most basic and most widely used PLC in machine, it is replacing the traditional relay circuit, logic control, sequence control, which can be used for the control of a single device. PLC in machine can also be used for machine control and automation line. Such as injection molding machine, printing machine, stapling machinery, modular machine tools, rinding machines, packaging production line, electroplating assembly line, etc..

plc in machine
2 motion control
PLC in machine can be used for the control of circular motion or linear motion. From the configuration of the control mechanism, the former is used directly for the switch 1/0 module, the position sensor and the actuator. Now, the special motion control module is used. Such as the stepper motor or servo motor single axis or multi axis position control module. Almost all of the major PLC manufacturers in the world have motion control functions, plc in machine tools, robots, elevators are widely used.

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