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The PLC installation notes

PLC is used more and more widely in the industrial manufacturing field, but installing PLC is a very professional thing. It is necessary to carry out standard operation under certain conditions. The PLC installation notes are as follows:
1.In the process of installing the PLC, we need to avoid the following places:
(1)The temperature environment exceeds 0--50 °C.
(2)Where the relative humidity exceeds 85% or where dew is present.
(3) Direct sun exposure
(4)Places with corrosion and flammable gas
(5)Frequent or continuous vibration, vibration frequency is 10 ~ 55Hz, amplitude is 0.5mm
(6)Impact of more than 10g (gravity acceleration)
(7)There are a lot of iron filings and dust;

2.Power wiring
The PLC power supply is 50Hz, 220V ± 10% AC.
The FX series programmable controller has a DC 24V output terminal. This terminal provides DC 24V power for input sensing (photoelectric or proximity switches). For the interference from the power line, the PLC itself has sufficient resistance. If the power supply is particularly severe, an isolation transformer with a 1:1 ratio can be installed to reduce interference between the equipment and the ground.
3. Grounding
Good grounding is an important condition for reliable PLC operation, which can avoid accidental voltage shock hazards. The ground wire is connected to the ground of the machine and the basic unit is grounded. If an expansion unit is to be used, its grounding point should be connected to the grounding point of the base unit. In order to suppress the interference applied to the power supply and the input terminals and the output terminals, a dedicated ground wire should be connected to the programmable controller, and the grounding point should be separated from the grounding point of the power equipment. If this requirement is not met, it must be grounded in common with other equipment.Do not ground in series with other equipment. The grounding point should be as close as possible to the PLC.