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GCAN Modular Programmable Logic Controller

GCAN-PLC is a modular programmable logic controller. It has the characteristics of small size, cost-effective, can be used to connect the CAN-Bus system, Modbus system and distributed bus terminal module, and these terminal modules can be expanded in a modular way.
modular programming logic controller
The modular programmable logic controller consists of a bus module controller (GCAN-PLC-400), 1-32 arbitrary number of GC series IO modules (GC-1008, GC-3804, etc.) and a terminal module. The GCAN-PLC-400 programmable controller supports automatic configuration. You do not need to set parameters on the computer. The controller will automatically assign the I/O interface according to the positional relationship of the inserted terminal module.
The GCAN-PLC modular programmable logic controller is programmed according to the IEC 61131-3 standard using the OpenPCS programming system. OpenPCS programming system provides a variety of debugging features (such as breakpoints, single-step, monitoring, etc.) to make debugging easier. The GCAN-PLC modular programmable logic controller configuration/programming interface is a Micro-USB interface that can be used to load PLC programs.

The GCAN-PLC modular programmable controller complies with the ISO 11898 CAN bus protocol. Support CANopen/ Modbus RTU/ Modbus TCP communication protocol and can be used as CANopen/ Modbus RTU/ Modbue TCP master or slave.
GC series modular programmable logic controller expansion module currently includes: digital input expansion module, digital output expansion module, analog input expansion module, analog output expansion module, etc.

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