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The functions of IO modules in GCAN-PLC

GCAN-PLC consists of a main controller module GCAN-PLC-400 and multiple IO modules. The PLC IO modules are freely expanded with your special requirements which made GCAN-PLC a customized product for you. GCAN-PLC has a variety of fieldbus communication interface: Ethernet, RS232 / 485, CAN bus, which can easily accessed the corresponding network to communicate with other devices without extension.
io module
GCAN-PLC controller with 3 communication interface
Today, we will not talk about the plenty communication interface of GCAN-PLC , but introduce you the functions of GCAN-PLC IO modules. The IO modules are generally divided to digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output.

The digital input module include: 8-channel digital input, 2-counter digital input.

The digital output module include: 8-channel digital output, 4-channel relay output, 2-channel PWM output.

The analog input module include: 4-channel -5~+5V / -10~+10V, 4-channel 0
~20mA / 4~20mA, 4-channel 0~5V / 2-channel 0~+10V, 2 / 4-channel PT100, 4 way K / 4 way S / 4 way T thermocouple.

The analog output include: 2-channel -5~+5V / -10~+10V, 2-channel 0-20mA / 4~20mA, 2-channel 0~5V / 0~+10V.

GCAN-PLC with these IO modules could be used in many industries such as: Steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, transportation, environmental protection and cultural entertainment, etc. We have already get touched in the area of rail way traffic, automation production line, engineer machinary, heat supply and change station.

io module

The application area of GCAN-PLC 

You can check the IO module selection below to choose the IO modules you may need. 

io module

IO module selection of GCAN PLC

If you did not find the IO module needed above, don't worry. GCAN Tech support IO modules customized service to satisfy your needs. Just contact us to get your PLC with special IO modules.
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