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CAN bus application in general cars

The data communication of the CAN bus has outstanding reliability, real-time and flexibility. Thanks to its good performance and unique design, the CAN bus is the most widely used in the automotive field to enable data communication between the vehicle's internal control system and the various inspection and execution mechanisms.
CAN bus is the most widely used in general cars. There are three main types of CAN bus topology: linear topology, ring network topology, and star network topology.

The system is divided into five different bus areas - power system, comfort system, information system, diagnostic system, instrument system. Its operating characteristics are as follows:
1) The power CAN data bus is cut off after a short no-load operation, and the comfort system CAN data bus remains ready for use;
2)  In order to reduce the load on the power supply network, if the power bus system is turned off, the comfort bus system enters a sleep state;
3) Comfort/information CAN data bus When one data line is short-circuited, it can continue working with another line and switch to "single line working mode"
4) The power CAN bus data signal is different from the comfort/information CAN data signal.
  In this way, it can ensure that the vehicle can better realize the CAN bus control function under the premise of energy saving, improve the safety factor and avoid the operation failure caused by the sudden situation, and belong to the more mature CAN bus control system.
The power system mainly includes an engine control unit, an ABS control unit, an ESP control unit, an automatic transmission control unit, an airbag control unit, a combination meter control unit, and the like, that is, engine control and chassis control in a conventional sense.
The comfort system and information system mainly consists of an automatic air conditioning control unit, a door control unit, a comfort control unit, a radio and a navigation display unit. It is also the traditional body control unit (BCM module).
I believe that CAN bus technology will become a major breakthrough in the field of automotive development.