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A tool for driving license: CAN Bluetooth conversion gateway

Modern society is a society where cars are everywhere, and driving has become a basic skill. When the driver's license is taken, all the data generated by our driving will be transmitted to the computer through the sensors on the vehicle. The computer evaluates the driver's operation and determines whether the student passes the exam. So have you ever thought about what kind of system is sending our driving data to the test computer? In fact, it is based on the CAN Bluetooth conversion gateway designed car real-time data mobile APP monitoring system, below, let's briefly talk about how it works.

The control system on modern cars mainly uses CAN bus, which is a communication control system specially designed for the development of automotive electronics. In addition to being applied to the control of automobiles, it is also applied to the control of trams. Control of the subway, networking of fire mainframes, control of industrial automation production lines, development of artificial intelligence, etc. Because of the inherent characteristics of the car itself, the CAN bus must meet the following requirements:
1. The data transmission speed of the CAN bus must be fast. It must have good communication immediacy. It can be transmitted to the target area at the first time after the communication command is issued. A typical example is the sudden braking when the car is in an accident.
2. There are many node devices that need to be controlled in the car. From engine to audio equipment, sometimes there are hundreds of them. If each device needs special lines for control, then countless lines will greatly occupy the usefulness of the vehicle. Space, affecting the corresponding driving experience.
3, CAN bus has good anti-interference, which is very necessary in high-temperature and high-noise cars, which will largely protect the safety of drivers.

can network in car

CAN bus system inside the car

Therefore, the CAN Bluetooth conversion gateway we mentioned above has come in handy. Based on the car real-time data mobile APP monitoring system designed to convert the CAN data in the vehicle into a Bluetooth signal, the receiving end of the test system uses a special tool to receive and convert the Bluetooth signal, and evolve into the corresponding information, and finally achieve real-time monitoring. The purpose of the driving test, then, is there a CAN Bluetooth conversion device with better cost performance? Here I recommend the GCAN-203 CAN Bluetooth Conversion Gateway.

The GCAN-203 CAN Bluetooth Conversion Gateway is an industrial-grade CAN-Bus communication converter that integrates one standard CAN-Bus interface and transmits CAN bus data to the terminal using Bluetooth. With the GCAN-203 module, users can access the CAN node using a handheld mobile terminal (mobile phone/PAD) to read CAN bus data. For some CAN networks that are not physically connected, it is very convenient to use the GCAN-203 CAN Bluetooth conversion gateway to exchange data with the CAN network through the wireless terminal. This module has been widely used in building CAN-Bus network control nodes for data processing and data acquisition in field of CAN-Bus network such as fieldbus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent community, and automotive electronic network.
Bluetooth conversion gateway
GCAN-203 CAN Bluetooth conversion gateway is a key tool for industrial bus transformation and wireless acquisition of CAN data. At the same time, the module has the characteristics of small size, plug and play, etc., and users can use the standard DIN rail to fix the module to make it extremely Easy to integrate into existing systems. If you would like to know more about GCAN-203 CAN Bluetooth conversion Gateway, please click on the link: