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The difference between DSC and PLC

1.From the aspect of development
DCS evolved from traditional dashboard monitoring systems. Therefore, DCS is more focused on instrument control from a congenital point of view.
PLC has evolved from the traditional relay circuit. The original PLC does not even have the analog processing power. Therefore, the PLC emphasizes the logic operation ability from the beginning.
2. From the system's scalability and compatibility
For PLC systems, there is generally no or very little expansion requirement, so that PLC systems are generally used for devices.
The communication protocols of DCS are not the same, but the network platform of the operation level has chosen Ethernet network differently, adopting standard or modified TCP/IP protocol. Provides convenient scalability.
3. Database aspects
DCS provides a unified database.
The database of the PLC system is usually not uniform, and the configuration software, monitoring software and even the archiving software have their own databases.
4. Time scheduling
PLC programs generally cannot be run in a predetermined cycle. The PLC program is executed from start to finish and then from the beginning.
The DCS can set the task period.
5. Network structure
DCS routinely uses a two-layer network structure, one layer is a process-level network, and most DCS use its own bus protocol.
The working task of the PLC system is relatively simple, so the amount of data that needs to be transmitted is generally not too large, so the common PLC system is a layer of network structure.
6. PLC is generally used in small self-control places, such as equipment control or a small amount of analog control and interlocking, while large applications are generally DCS.

How to treat PLC and DCS correctly
We should not emphasize the advantages and disadvantages between PLC and DCS. They are all control products. We should provide users with the most suitable control system for their users. Guangcheng Technology provides you with the most suitable PLC control system for