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CAN bus data recorder - a good helper for testing

The GCAN-401 CAN bus data recorder module is specially developed by GCAN for offline storage of CAN bus data. The CAN bus data recorder module integrates one standard CAN bus interface. Users only need to connect the module to the standard CAN bus and keep it powered up, so that the data on all CAN buses can be stored in real time on the module's own memory card. It is convenient for user to playback and analysis subsequently.
CAN bus data recorder 
Figure 1 CAN bus data recorder

Since the CAN bus data recorder module can independently perform the recording work of the CAN bus data, the user does not need to perform maintenance on the device, and only needs to take out the memory card in the device when there's a key problem or special needs. All data in the memory card can be seen through the software by importing the data to the computer through the card reader. This usage is similar to the black box on the plane, so the user of the CAN bus data recorder module can perform experiments that are inconvenient for people to observe the data in real time, greatly improving the work efficiency.

CAN bus data recorder

Figure 2  Storage format

There's a case happened recently.
Engineer Zheng from a vehicle company called us with a requirement: They are currently developing a car, and the prototype has already come out. They need to collect the CAN data in the car at the same time as the test. Do you have a device that can storage CAN bus data? Stored data must be time-stamped, and stored for a long time, at least for one week, it is best to directly parse the data out of the corresponding car state.

The GCAN-401 CAN bus data recorder module can satisfy his requirement easily. This kind of demand of Engineer Zheng is very common when doing sample tests. The problems in the test are often very difficult to reproduce, so it is very meaningful to record every parameter in each test. Therefore, for the needs of engineers, CAN bus data recorders are available, which can be easily configured before being used. After importing the collected data into the computer, you can use software analysis. The time precision of the data can be accurate to the millisecond level. Do you need such a device to improve your work efficiency?

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