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Different Usage of CAN-Fiber Converter

Today let‘s have a look at GCAN CAN-Fiber converter.
So what is CAN-Fiber?
It's a CAN-Fiber converter which can build a connection between Fiber Bus and CAN-Bus. With this CAN-Fiber converter in pairs, users can easily extend the distance of CAN-Bus and eliminate the interference effectively. It can also prevent the bus from electromagnetic interference, ground loop interference and lightning strike.
Let's look at their models: GCAN-208-1, 2-Fiber and 1-CAN. GCAN-208-1, 1-Fiber and 2-CAN.

There may be the following Usage for 
Connect CAN-bus Devices with your Upper PC.
Connect remote CAN Device, so they can communicate to each other.
Built a complex CAN-bus Network, including HMI, Servo driver, Motor, PLC, IO module and other CAN interface.
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